Maxi Industrial Dryer

Genema Maxi Industrial Dryers give the best solutions in Chemical, Food, Mining and Fertilizer industries!

Fertilizer dryer

Maxi Industrial Dryer is a multifunctional industrial dryer. It is suitable for use in different industries. It offers efficient processing for wide variety raw materials!

Sometimes the materials may be screened wet or added to them for an easier process. So, process designers often prefer drying or dewatering in order to restore the material or to impart a specific structure to the final product.

There are 2 main advantages for drying process:

Firstly, controlling moisture levels in solid materials can significantly reduce transport and storage costs, eliminating unnecessary fluid volume.

Secondly, ensuring product sterilization and preventing possible spoiling are very important gains of the process.

As a result, Genema Maxi Industrial Dryer offers best solutions to achieve this goals. It operates according to mixing and stripping principles. Circulated heated gas from internal fans in the system provide unique advantages.

Features of Maxi Industrial Dryers

  • Provides uniform internal temperature distribution in stepped temperature zones.
  • Controls the product temperature with maximum precision compared to any dryer and prevents moisture residues.
  • Minimizes product degradation and dust formation even in fragile materials such as pellets.
  • Very effective at high temperatures
  • The drying conditions are easily adjusted and stored automatically in the system.
  • Suitable for different feed rates.
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Reduces labor costs with self cleaning module.
  • Saves space with its vertical structure.
  • Low energy and maintenance costs.

Genema drying experts provide the most efficient results with the following methodology.

Drying Methodology

  • Sample Analysis
  • Determine Needs
  • Trial Production
  • Calculations
  • System Sizing
  • Optimizing
  • Offering

In this way, you ensure product quality and efficiency of the process.


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