Rotary Industrial Dryer

Key machine for many industrial drying applications.

rotary industrial dryer

Rotary industrial dryer is an essential machine for wide ranging applications. It also acts as a calcination furnace for calcination processes.

Most minerals and also other materials have to undergo a process of utilization before granulation. This process depends on present form but almost always involves drying step.

Characteristic retention of the raw material at certain moisture levels allows for significant reduction in transport costs. Additionally, it assistes granule formation and improves the physical properties of the final product.

Genema Rotary Industrial Dryer provides the most reliable results in material drying with the best constitution of the system components.

Features of Rotary Industrial Dryers

  • Suitable for a wide range of raw materials.
  • Provides the advantage of low energy consumption as hot air passes through the rotating dryer body by being exposed to low resistances.
  • The effective design of the lifting plate allows a high rate of use of heat energy.
  • For compound fertilizers, it brings the moisture content to 2-5%.
  • For organic fertilizers, it brings the moisture content to 10-40%.
  • Minimizes dust and noise during operation.
  • Efficient process in high capacities.
  • Low maintenance cost and long service life.


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