Pellet Press Machine

Genema pellet press machines provide perfect pelleting for fertilizer, feed and other industries.

Pellet press machine or pellet mill is a key machine for wide range industrial applications.

Firstly, pelletizing is a common forming process. It creates ease of use by turning a wide variety of materials into larger materials with the help of heat, humidity and pressure.

Secondly, by increasing the bulk density lower storage areas are needed for the final product.

As the design and operational parameters of Genema Pellet Press Machines are optimized to reach the desired product considering the physical and chemical properties of the material being worked.

In conclusion, it provides high mechanical stability and product quality.

Features of Pellet Press Machines

  • Creates homogeneous and high quality pellets.
  • Provides effectiveness even in difficult-to-compress materials.
  • Very convenient for use in organic-organomineral fertilizer and waste recycling plants.
  • Works full efficiency even at high capacities.
  • Prevents dusting.
  • Most efficient energy transfer.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs.


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