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Food Waste Composting SystemMSW Composting

Sustainable solution for recycling food wastes! Our energy efficient bioreactors support high quality compost production from food waste with superior control. They carry local and urban waste management to the highest segment!
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Food waste composting systems are rapidly becoming widespread. Smart cities and leading companies prefer innovative technologies!

Food waste, which constitutes an important part of urban waste, has unique properties as raw compost material. Production lines collects especially pre-consumption food wastes separately so they do not contain pollutants. Hotels, restaurants, residences or offices can also collect post-consumption wastes with the least amount of contaminants.

These wastes have high moisture content and low physical structure properties. For this reason, after adjusting the grain size, they are mixed with bulking agents. This bulking agents can absorb excess moisture and add structure to the material.

Biological recycling is the most appropriate material recycling method due to the nature of organic wastes. Because the incineration of these wastes is considered inefficient due to the low energy recovery rate. In addition, regular storage methods will bring logistics costs and environmental problems. Therefore, on-site composting stands out as the most realistic method.

In conventional systems, the food waste composting process tends to produce odors and creates leachate. While this situation creates problems in terms of environment and human health, it affects the end product quality negatively.

Food Waste Composting System

Genema food waste composting system overcomes all these problems and makes it possible to obtain a superior end product. Ultra efficient composting bioreactors prevent leachate formation with its closed structure. Fully automatic system provides effective heat transfer and aeration in the process. The biofilter system ensures that the process is odorless. PLC control panel automatically recordes and stores process conditions. It fulfilles legal obligations.

The system is modular and scalable. Connecting bioreactors in series accomplish to increase capacity easily.

Genema food waste composting system offers the advantage of a high efficient fully automatic odorless process in the lower areas. It is possible to use in the regions close to the settlements and system offers an excellent user experience with its simplified interface.

Genema can manufacture all the other system components such as waste separation units, shredder, sieve and packaging etc. So it offers complete solution.

food waste composting system

Genema supports global goals for sustainable development. It plays a leading role in zero waste project with its environmentally friendly technologies and solutions.

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