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Excellent results with our cattle manure composting system! Our energy-efficient bioreactors support high-quality compost production from cattle manure with superior control. Our technology, which can work with also other farm wastes, prevents loss of resources.
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Genema Ultra Efficient Composting Bioreactor is an key machine for cow manure composting system. Moreover, it is an improved in-vessel technology! This technology minimizes process time, maximizes nutrient content and significantly reduces operating costs by providing optimum conditioning to achieve aerobic composting targets.

It is useful to explain the necessity of technology before going deep.

As it is known, the effect of cow manure is not unidirectional like chemical fertilizers. Correctly processed cow manure supplies the soil with the necessary nutrients for the plant. In addition, this manure has the task of making the structure of the soil suitable for agriculture. Increases the water and heat holding capacity of the soil. Prevents erosion. It has a positive effect on ventilation. Therefore, using the right technologies plays a decisive role in product quality.

Genema first considers the raw material conditions before planning the cow manure composting facility. The type of cow, the feeding value of the feed, the type of bedding and the status of the barn gives information about manure characterization. For example, with this approach,a separator can be added to the first stage of the process.

In ultra efficient composting bioreactors, process is conditioned. The closed structure of the bioreactor prevents the formation of leachate. Effective heat transfer and ventilation are covered by a fully automatic system. Process conditions are automatically recorded and stored. During the process, odor formation is prevented. The environmentally friendly continuous system maintains the element content of the manure.

Compost sterilization, pelletizing and packaging units are frequently preferred in the continuation of the process. These stages facilitate the applicability of the end product and increase its value.

Setting up composting facilities requires a customized approach and scientific effort. With our experience and expertise of over 30 years, we gain a new dimension for organic waste management.

Effective control of the following parameters is very important in cow manure composting system:

Cow manure composting system parameters

  • Temperature
  • Oxygen & aeration
  • Particle size and porosity
  • Moisture
  • Carbon / nitrogen ratio
  • Mixing
  • Time

It is not possible to control these parameters as desired using the conventional manure composting machine. To better understand Genema’s compost technology, the parameter-process relationship should be examined. (Key parameters of composting systems)

Consequently, Genema supports global goals for sustainable development. It plays a leading role in zero waste project with its environmentally friendly technologies and solutions.


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